March 21, 2025

Complete Dentures in a Byte-Sized World

Dr. Ronni Schnell, DMD, MAGD, FICD, FACD

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Course Breakdown:

Go Ahead… Bite into that Apple! Diagnose for Success and Avoid Complications:

The implant overdenture has become the standard of care for the edentulous mandible. Not only does it enhance retention, improving quality of life for patients, it allows for preservation of the alveolar bone. This course is ideal for those who wish to gain the confidence to predictably incorporate this procedure in a general practice. This scientifically based instruction will focus on the three most important things you must consider when treating any case.

Do Your Dentures Suck…? They Should! Achieving Suction the Digital Way:

Is Removable Prosthodontics the final frontier of digital dentistry? In just a few years, dentures have emerged as a leading topic in digital dentistry. Crafting exceptional removable prostheses demands a fundamental grasp of creating precise denture impressions and obtaining the six essential clinical records, regardless of the approach—conventional or digital. This presentation will unveil the latest advancements in digitally fabricated complete dentures and demonstrate how you can revisit Removable Prosthodontics with a renewed perspective since dental school!

Learning Objectives:

Go Ahead… Bite into that Apple! Diagnose for Success and Avoid Complications:

  • Diagnose, treatment plan and sequence implant overdentures
  • Understand space analysis, templates and abutment and attachment considerations
  • Review the prosthesis driven restoration and implant placement concerns
  • Apply knowledge to a variety of clinical case presentations and troubleshoot complex cases

Do Your Dentures Suck…? They Should! Achieving Suction the Digital Way:

  • Understand fabrication methods of complete, immediate, implant overdentures and digital relines, rebases and repairs
  • Expand the use of your intraoral scanner to include digital denture techniques
  • Increase your efficiency at capturing clinical records
  • Apply knowledge from a wide variety of clinical case presentations to incorporate immediately into your practice

About the Speaker

Dr. Ronni Schnell is a Clinical Professor and Director of Predoctoral Removable Prosthodontics courses at Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine and the spirit of all that is digitally removable. In addition to her academic role, Dr. Schnell serves on a multitude of committees and has been honored numerous times for her stellar commitment, teaching excellence, and contribution to BU. A frequent lecturer nationally and internationally, particularly concentrating on Implant-Retained Overdentures, Complete & Partial Dentures and Digitally Fabricated Dentures. She has completed with her students, over 2000 arches of digitally fabricated dentures, restored thousands of implant overdenture abutments and has learned “in the trenches” what works and how to anticipate success and challenges. Dr. Schnell received her Mastership and two Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition Awards from the Academy of General Dentistry. She is a Fellow of the International and American College of Dentists, a member of the American Dental Association and an allied member of the American College of Prosthodontists. Fun fact: She is an accomplished figure skater who has even competed at Adult Nationals in Lake Placid! Dr. Schnell has maintained a private practice, The Classic Smile, in Medford, Massachusetts, for over 42 years with her husband.